B.Ed., M.Ed (Adult Ed) M.Counselling

Mediator. Gottman Trained (Level 1 and 2)

By appointment only. Please call (+61) 0409 888 171.

Office in Subiaco Perth Western Australia. 

The goal of relationship counselling is to create a more satisfying and meaningful relationship. Sophie offers marriage counselling, couples counselling, separation counselling for couples and/or individuals, and counselling for individuals who simply want to improve their future relationship skills.

By creating a space for open, honest discussion  Sophie assists you understand your current relationship, reflect on why you were initially attracted to your partner, examine what each person now feels about each other, identify your current relationship concerns whilst discovering what you need to do, individually and as a couple, to move past todays problems and achieve a more loving, respectful and fulfilling relationship. 

Sometimes, one partner is resistant to attending relationship counselling. If this is your current situation you can still benefit from attending on your own as a lot can be achieved when you focus on what you can do to effect positive change in your relationship.

Sophie is also trained in family dispute resolution and can support couples, and their families, work through the emotional and practical issues faced during separation and divorce, often with their lawyer or accountant present to reach agreements, usually parenting plans and financial agreements, without the cost or emotional burden of undertaking the family law process. 

A little bit about Sophie's career before Counselling...

For over 30 years, Sophie has worked in both private and Government roles in tourism and hotel management, adult education and training and business consulting in Australia and overseas. Key roles include A/Managing Director Pilbara TAFE, Director Training Kimberley TAFE and Regional Tourism Manager Byron Bay, Australia’s most iconic tourist destination.

Sophie has also served on numerous Boards, including several focused on Indigenous training and community development; regional and national tourism; adult education and training. In Perth, Sophie recently served as Deputy Chair Heart and Lung Transplant Association WA. Sophie is also a popular presenter and corporate trainer.